Taniai, Usui Sensei's birthplace

Visit Taniai in Yamagata City where Usui Sensei was born and spent his childhood.  He donated a big Torii-gate to 天鷹神社 Amataka Shrine with his two brothers in April 1923, one year after the foundation of Usui Reiki Ryoho.  blog: Amataka Shrine in Taniai

Bus to Amataka Shrine

1) 谷合靈氣, Taniai Reiki, a Reiki group in Taniai Gifu, will book taxi and bus for you, and meet you in Taniai. 
Estimate of bus prices by Taniai Reiki Association The capacity below will be reduced to prevent spread of COVID-19.

approximate time

to Amataka Shrine



(including parking fee)

access by train

Nagoya Centrair Airport


150 min

1 - 4 60,000 yen Meitetsu Centrair Airport station 
5 - 8 85,000 yen
9 - 14 110,000 yen
15 - 29 120,000 yen
30 -- 135,000 yen

Nagoya Station


90 min

1 - 4

55,000 yen



JR Nagoya


Meitetsu Nagoya station

5 - 8 75,000 yen
9 - 14 85,000 yen
15 - 29 90,000 yen
30 -- 105,000 yen

Gifu Hashima Station


60 min

1 - 4 50,000 yen




5 - 8 60,000 yen
9 - 14 65,000 yen
15 - 29 75,000 yen
30 -- 85,000 yen

JR Gifu Station

and Hotel in Gifu City


45 min

1 - 4 45,000 yen

JR Gifu


Meitetsu Gifu station

5 - 8 55,000 yen
9 - 14 60,000 yen
15 - 29 70,000 yen
30 -- 80,000 yen


  • Book bigger vehicle than the number of people when you ride the bus with your suitcases 
  • There is no translator in bus 
  • 10% tax will be added
  • Shinkansen stops at Shin-Osaka, Kyoto and Gifu Hashima; it does not stop at Gifu.  (41 min from Kyoto to Gifu Hashima)
  • General JR trains stop at Osaka, Kyoto and Gifu. (Not Gifu Hashima)
  • From Gifu Hashima to Gifu is 40 min by Meitetsu train

Restaurant Sanmu

2)  Lunch in 山務 Restaurant Sanmu
  • 30 min bus ride from Amataka shrine
  • Let them know if you have a particular diet.
  • Pay for lunch yourself on the day.  Vegetable lunch: 1,000 yen, 1,200 yen and 1,500 yen / person 
3)  Extra cost
  • 10% tax
  • Pay extra fee when you stay in Taniai longer than 180 minutes (including lunch).
  • 15% in high season: Late April, May, June, September, October and November.  
4) Option
  • Prayer and purification by Shinto priest of Amataka Shrine including Shinto amulet or Ofuda (paper charm), 20 min, 3,000 yen/person in cash on the day
  • Water spring that Usui Sensei's grandfather used to brew Japanese sake.  5 min walk from Amataka Shrine.
  • 善導寺Zendo-ji Buddhism temple where the above water is drawn from the spring.  5 min walk from Amataka Shrine. You must make an appointment.   When Buddhism priest is there, he may give some Buddhism talk.  Usui sensei's ancestor's grave is said to be there, but you are not allowed to see it. 
5)  Translator
  • Taniai Reiki Association does not have a translator.  They have a pocketalk, a small translation device; it 'talks' almost all the languages!  https://pocketalk.jp/  
  • Additional fee is required when you need a translator from station/airport.
6)  Booking
  • Ms. Ryoko Takagi of Taniai Reiki
  • Email: reikitaniai@gmail.com
  • Fax:  +81 58 297 2906
  • Call:  +81 90 4160 0000
  • They need your information below to give you a detailed estimate. 
  • Your booking will be confirmed when you pay 30 % of the fee.
  1. Name and language
  2. Email address and telephone number available in Japan
  3. Arrival and departure date and time
  4. Pick up place
  5. One way or round trip
  6. Number of adults and children
  7. Need lunch or not
  8. Vegetarian or not
  9. Prayer and purification in the Shrine or not
  10. Zendo-ji temple or not
  11. Need translator or not
  12. Options you want

7) Caution

  • Book earlier for high season.
  • Trip will be canceled when traffic stops due to heavy snow.
  • Usui Sensei's house does not remain.  Respect the privacy of the neighbors.  Do not enter or take pictures of the premises of ordinary houses.
  • You must inform and reserve parking lot if you come by your car.

8) Tourism and hotel



★毎月1日 午前 ついたちヒーリング @鶴来  次回は2月1日(水)

★ほぼ毎週金曜日21:30~22:00 宇宙平安の祈りと自己浄化と自己向上の技法 無料 Zoom  受講者対象

★第1&3火曜日20:00~21:00 英語でレイキ Zoom 受講者対象  日時が変更になることもあります

★第1木曜日21:00~22:00 英語マニュアル Book Club 英語・海外で教えているマスター対象

★第3木曜日21:00~22:00 日本語マニュアル読書会 英語で教えているマスター対象


日時は皆様のご希望に対応します。上記のGoogle カレンダーの空いている時間の中から(3日前までに)希望日をお知らせください

Let me know your preferred date and place for seminar, session and follow-up class at least 3 days in advance.  Mail

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