「100万回死んだねこ」The Cat 'Died' One Million Times







「人生が片付くときめきの魔法」の正しいタイトルは「人生がときめく片付けの魔法」 世界で爆売れしたあの本が、なんだか不穏な題名に変換されています。
























When I want to read a book that I saw on TV or social media, I quickly search for it in the library's collection.  Why in a hurry?  Because I tend to forget the title quickly.  Even if I enter "the book mentioned on TV this morning" in the search box, the response is "no match," of course.


However, it seems that many people are not as quick in their search.  They search with 'similar' titles, and when they cannnot find the book, they turn to the libralians, asking, "Do you have a book called 'XXX' ?"  Then the librarians manage to figure out the correct title of the book.


This book is a collection of misremembered titles at Fukui Prefectural Library.  You will burst into laughter with every page turn.


I have to confess that I also believed in title as "The Cat That Died One Million Times."  If the cat 'lived' one million times, it should have naturally 'died' one million times, so it's not incorrect... don't you think?


Yes, we all make mistakes.


And we rewrite our memories in life.  We reshape them to suit our convenience.  It is a great wisdom for survival.


Oh, furthermore, even memories that have been rewritten, we eventually forget them.


Let's laugh it off and survive the journey of life.





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